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A smiling adult and child, both proudly pointing to their shoulders, symbolizing their recent vaccinations. The image highlights the role of vaccination in strengthening physical combat effectiveness and resilience against diseases.
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Getting vaccinated can enhance one's physical ability to fight against illnesses.

Vaccinations are an absolute must for preventing viruses and diseases. Don't take unnecessary risks with your health - get vaccinated to reduce the risk of infection, alleviate symptoms, and prevent hospitalization or even death. Protect yourself and your loved ones today.

Vaccines for Adults

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Vaccines for Children

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HPV Cervical Cancer Vaccine


  • HPV vaccine is a prophylactic vaccine to prevent cervical cancer as well as other HPV-related cancers or diseases
  • HPV-16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52, 58 accounted for about 90% of cases of cervical cancer.All the above seven genotypes are included in the 9-valent HPV vaccine.
  • Vaccination can be started at age 9

HK$4,280/3 doses

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can be accepted.

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Shingrix Vaccine


  • People with >18 years of age who are immunocompromised & aged 50 years and above, even you have received zoster vaccine before.
  • The only shingles vaccine to provide over 90% efficacy in all age groups, protect against Herpes Zoster (HZ) and Post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN), and reduce the risk of other complications.
  • FDA and EMA approved

HK$5,300/2 doses

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Hepatitis B Vaccine <BR>(Adults and Children)


  • Severe diseases caused by hepatitis B virus
  • Hepatitis B virus can cause acute hepatitis, cause a large amount of liver cells to die, and damage liver function
  • Some infected people will become a carrier in a lifetime. In the future, there will be more opportunities to develop into chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, and even liver cancer
  • It is recommended to have blood test on hepatitis B antigen and antibody before vaccination to determine whether the client is a carrier or already has antibodies


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Prevenar 13 (Adults and Children)


  • Provided by PFIZER, approved by US FDA and EU EMA
  • Age range: All age groups 6 weeks or above
  • Uses an upgraded conjugate vaccine technology. Facilitate immune memory and provides long-term protection
  • Number of serotypes covered: 13 (including serotype 3, which is more invasive, and serotypes 6A and 19A, which have higher resistance to antibiotics).


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can be accepted.

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Free PASESA Cardiovascular Test

PASESA: The world's only portable cardiovascular measuring instrument, showcasing its compact design and innovative technology. PASESA cardiovascular testing is the only technology that can quickly detect cardiovascular hardness. Within 90 seconds, this technology can detect any abnormality in the vascular system, which helps monitor the health of your cardiovascular system and detect, and prevent related diseases at an early stage.


Please note that our customer service representative will call you within the next business day to confirm the final testing date and time.

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