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A vibrant and joyful family, showcasing their well-being, set against a backdrop of a DNA helix vector, representing the profound insights of DNA testing. Exploring the body's secrets, holding the early warning of health.
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Preview the future health blueprint -DNA testing

If you're concerned about hidden illnesses, DNA testing can help you identify genetic disorders, inherited traits, and hidden health risks. This type of testing can help you predict your future health risks and take appropriate action to guard your health. (If you're concerned about hidden illnesses, DNA testing is a must. By identifying genetic disorders, inherited traits, and hidden health risks, you can take proactive steps to guard your health and prevent future health problems.)


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DNA+Nutrition Test

Test features

  • Our DNA+ Nutrition Gene Test focuses on 4 major areas: body shape, food sensitivity, nutrient needs, and exercise indicator.


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Free PASESA Cardiovascular Test

PASESA: The world's only portable cardiovascular measuring instrument, showcasing its compact design and innovative technology. PASESA cardiovascular testing is the only technology that can quickly detect cardiovascular hardness. Within 90 seconds, this technology can detect any abnormality in the vascular system, which helps monitor the health of your cardiovascular system and detect, and prevent related diseases at an early stage.


Please note that our customer service representative will call you within the next business day to confirm the final testing date and time.

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