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A joyful multi-generational family, consisting of a radiant grandmother, a spirited grandfather, a smiling father, a cheerful mother, and a lively child, all comfortably seated together on a pristine white sofa. Their radiant expressions and close-knit bonding depict the essence of living life to the fullest while cherishing good health.

Power Up Your Family's Wellness

Every day, our health is threatened by unseen risks such as stress and viruses. To maintain the happy and healthy lives of you and your family, it is important to regularly take care of yourself.

Life Young Health is your dedicated family health mentor. With a combination of traditional physical examination, advanced DNA testing, and the latest nutrition techniques, we have designed a comprehensive family health management blueprint. Our goal is to help each family member prevent diseases, strengthen overall health, and block risks at different stages of life.

Our role is not limited to providing healthcare services only, but we also strive to be your partners in achieving and maintaining good health.

Protect Your Health with Golden Triangle

Traditional Medical Examination


DNA Testing


Personalized Nutrition Plans

We help you understand your physical condition in all aspects and develop personalized health plans.


Comprehensive Health Assessment

Our comprehensive health assessment combines traditional physical examination with DNA testing to provide personalized health blueprints that include personal medical records, family medical history, living habits, and environmental factors.


Congenital Hidden Risk Assessment

DNA tests examine genetic makeup and inherited traits to analyze individual genes and identify potential health risks. They can pinpoint genetic mutations that may impact your well-being and forecast potential health issues.


Plan your Future Health Blueprint

We provide personalized suggestions for test results to reduce the risk of inducing health problems through fine-tuning diet and living habits, and gradually achieving optimal health.

Six Major Services

Your Strongest Health Backing

Our team at Life Young Health comprises registered doctors and DNA genetic science and technology experts with extensive clinical experience and DNA testing knowledge. We also have experienced nutritionists who follow up on your healthy diet. Five positions fully support your health needs at every moment.








Intestines, Stomach


Respiratory System


Cancer Index


Skin Allergies

Free PASESA Cardiovascular Test

PASESA: The world's only portable cardiovascular measuring instrument, showcasing its compact design and innovative technology. PASESA cardiovascular testing is the only technology that can quickly detect cardiovascular hardness. Within 90 seconds, this technology can detect any abnormality in the vascular system, which helps monitor the health of your cardiovascular system and detect, and prevent related diseases at an early stage.


Please note that our customer service representative will call you within the next business day to confirm the final testing date and time.

Life Young Health

Rm 08-09, 10/F, Mira Place Tower A, 132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, H.K.

Procedure at a Glance:

Step 1 Appointment

You can make an appointment online or call to schedule an appointment.

Step 2 Arrival

Upon arrival, you will need to provide identification and confirm the item you need to have inspected. Then, you will be asked to fill out personal information and health questionnaires.


Step 3 Consultation

Experienced nutritionists will evaluate your eating habits, lifestyle, and environmental factors to provide you with a personalized diet plan.

Step 4 Examination

The medical team will carry out a thorough medical examination.

Step 5 Report

After your medical examination, you can schedule an appointment for one week later to review your report with the nutritionist and medical team. This is necessary to ensure that you receive a comprehensive analysis of your report and get the best possible care.